December 03, 2019

Government Announces The Saskatchewan Geological Survey ArcGIS Hub Page

Today, at the Saskatchewan Geological Open House in Saskatoon, Energy and Resources Minister Bronwyn Eyre announced the launch of the Saskatchewan Geological Survey (SGS) ArcGIS Hub page, an Online community engagement platform that facilitates sharing public geoscience data.

The new ArcGIS Hub page provides a portal that enhances access to geoscientific information on the province’s mineral and petroleum resources.  This user-friendly resource includes a combination of interactive maps and dashboards that make retrieving raw data easier.

The ArcGIS Hub page is the first step toward an initiative, outlined in Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan: The Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030, to establish a comprehensive Geoscience Data Management System that increases exploration efficiency and improves competitiveness across Saskatchewan’s natural resource sectors.

“We want our province to remain one of the most competitive mining jurisdictions in the world,” Eyre said.  “Part of that is enabling access to high quality geoscientific data that will support the exploration and development of Saskatchewan’s mineral and petroleum resources.”

Since its formation 70 years ago, SGS has been responsible for archiving the vast quantity geoscience data collected in the province and making it available to the public.  This data is also used to inform the development of government policies and responsible resource development.  Developing a comprehensive Geoscience Data Management System will make this data more easily accessible and improve the competitiveness of Saskatchewan’s resource sector from an investment attraction perspective.

The ArcGIS Hub is one of the first of several Hub pages being developed by various ministries across the Government of Saskatchewan.