December 01, 2015

Geological Open House Looks to Repeat Last Year's Success

The province’s mining sector is showcasing what makes it one of the most competitive in the world at the 46th annual Saskatchewan Geological Open House being held in Saskatoon.

The event, held from November 30 to December 2, through the joint efforts of the Ministry of the Economy and the Saskatchewan Geological Society, is firmly established as the key annual event for local and global businesses involved in mineral exploration and development in Saskatchewan, and this year’s event is poised to mirror the success of the 2014 Open House.

“In addition to accessing the trade show and technical sessions, many companies use the Open House as an opportunity to review and develop exploration plans, as well as to network with their colleagues,” Economy Minister Bill Boyd said.  “This event is the place to do it, here in one of the most opportunity-rich and investment-friendly jurisdictions in the world when it comes to mining.  It is not enough to have the resources the world needs—the world must be able to access these resources in a sustainable and responsible manner.  This is exactly what Saskatchewan offers.”

The Fraser Institute’s 2014 Survey of Mining Companies ranked Saskatchewan’s investment attractiveness for mineral exploration as first in Canada and second in the world out of 122 jurisdictions.  Saskatchewan’s geologic database, a key enabler for mining interests, also ranked first in Canada, and third worldwide.  A major component of the open house is the Saskatchewan Geological Survey’s release of results from its northern mapping projects and mineral deposit studies undertaken over the summer.

This work serves to enhance understanding of the geological framework of northern Saskatchewan and the nature and context of mineral deposits hosted in those rocks.  This data assists the mining industry in its exploration efforts, which are estimated to reach a value of $238 million this year.

The event also facilitates consultations between government, universities and industry associations such as the Saskatchewan Mining Association as well as geoscience research organizations like the Geological Survey of Canada.

The total value of Saskatchewan’s mineral sales in 2014 was approximately $7.3 billion.  The mineral industry provides about 30,000 direct or indirect jobs in the province, including direct employment for more than 2,000 in northern Saskatchewan.