December 13, 2018

Gas and Electrical And Plumbing Inspections, Licensing and Permits to be Transferred to Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan

Today, Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding announced the transfer of gas and electrical licensing from the Ministry of Government Relations, gas and electrical inspections and permitting from SaskPower, and plumbing inspections and permitting from the Saskatchewan Health Authority to the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK).

“The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to maintaining public safety, while reducing red tape,” Kaeding said.  “By centralizing these services for gas, electrical and plumbing within TSASK, we will create efficiencies while continuing to deliver quality service to the people of Saskatchewan.”

A review held in 2009 recommended the development of a ‘one-stop shop’ for all regulatory safety services.  A year later, TSASK was created as an independent regulatory body to administer boiler, pressure vessel, elevator and amusement ride safety services.  TSASK has demonstrated its ability to deliver quality, client-centred services to industry and the people of Saskatchewan.

During the transition period, there will be no impact to current staff or to the permit and inspection services available.  As well, industry and consumers must continue to follow existing processes to obtain permits.

“Throughout this transition, our team will continue to serve Saskatchewan people by ensuring gas and electrical work in the province is up to standard,” SaskPower President and CEO Mike Marsh said.  “This work is, and will remain, a very important part of keeping Saskatchewan residents safe at work, at home and throughout their communities.”

It is expected that it will take up to two years before these services are fully transferred to TSASK.  Both the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan support this transition to TSASK.

Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan Executive Director Doug Folk said his association endorses the province’s efforts to develop a joint single service authority for the electrical trade.

“A joint single service authority would increase communication among electrical licensing, inspections and industry stakeholders,” Folk said.  “This enhanced electrical authority would improve the education of owners and the enforcement of the Electrical Licensing Act and Regulations.”

He added that his association would continue to be involved with the province during the transition to a joint single service authority.

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan Inc. (MCAS) said it is encouraged by today’s announcement.

“We believe that industry stakeholders working collaboratively will provide an opportunity for the province to ensure a balance of public safety and the efficient delivery of safety services to respond to industry needs and the needs of the public,” MCAS Executive Director Carolyn Bagnell said.  “The opportunity to move toward contractors and the public having one point of contact for permitting, inspections and licensing rather than multiple agencies will create efficiencies for all stakeholders.”

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