August 17, 2017

Funding Maintained for Health Community-Based Organizations

The Government of Saskatchewan has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting health community-based organizations (CBOs) funded by Regional Health Authorities (RHAs).

Following release of the 2017-18 Provincial Budget, RHAs had been asked to consult with their CBOs and develop a plan for a 10 per cent reduction in funding to help control spending.  Health Minister Jim Reiter announced today that, following a comprehensive review and consultation, the province has decided not to proceed with the reduction for RHA-funded CBOs.

“Our government is focused on providing quality health care services to the people of Saskatchewan and we value the work of health-funded CBOs as they help us to achieve that,” Reiter said.  “After conducting the most comprehensive review of health-funded CBOs in close to 10 years, we have decided not to proceed with the 10 per cent reduction.”

Minister Reiter said the CBO consultation process was an important exercise that provided a clear picture of the services offered and the potential impact to clients of any funding reduction.

“We understand that the uncertainty around funding during this review period has caused some worry,” Reiter said.  “We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of CBOs as we work to keep health care sustainable.”

In 2016-17, approximately 61 health-related community organizations received funding from RHAs to provide a range of initiatives including clinical services, harm reduction programs, and mental health and addictions support.