November 25, 2019

Funding Announced To Help Vulnerable Newcomers Enter Labour Market

Today, Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison announced funding for the International Women of Saskatoon (IWS), to help the most vulnerable members of the newcomer community overcome barriers and fully participate in the labour market.

IWS received $440,524 to help support 120 newcomers in career decision making, skills enhancement, computer literacy, job search and job maintenance.  This will help their clients acquire Canadian work experience through supervised work placements, internships, volunteering and mentoring and paid employment opportunities.

“Partnering with the International Women of Saskatoon helps ensure under-represented communities get the support they need to gain the skills and abilities to find and keep employment,” Harrison said.  “Their work is crucial in ensuring Saskatchewan remains the best place in Canada to build a career for all people in the province.”

“Our Links to Employment program represents how our organization is committed to assisting multi-barrier clients, particularly new Canadian women, to gain the required competency to re-enter the Saskatchewan labour market,” IWS Executive Director Ijeoma Nwamuo said.  “Having been able to secure the funding from the ministry means that we are able to continue to utilize unique service delivery strategies to facilitate the kind of learning opportunities and employment connections, which respond to the demand-side of our labour market and in turn ensure exceptional client outcomes.”

Funding supports adults who have resided in Saskatchewan for no more than five years since first arriving in Canada.  There are two program streams.  The first is for new Canadians who have demonstrated proof of being ready for and committed to a full-time, 15-week program that includes career exploration, skills enhancement, computer literacy training and job search support for entry level positions.  The second program is the Computer Literacy Program, which targets newcomers requiring computer skills to achieve their career goals.