April 06, 2017

February Building Permits Rise

Non-residential building permits in Saskatchewan increased by 138.0 per cent (seasonally adjusted) between January and February 2017, well ahead of the 4.5 per cent decline recorded nationally.  Saskatchewan had the second highest percentage increase among the provinces.

“The rise in non-residential building permits demonstrates the continued strength and resilience of the Saskatchewan economy,” Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “When compared to the rest of the country, Saskatchewan’s building permit growth is well above what other provinces are experiencing.”

Year-over-year, non-residential building permits were up 50.1 per cent (seasonally adjusted).  Saskatchewan had the third highest percentage increase among the provinces, and nationally, non-residential permits slipped 17.9 per cent.

Residential permits were also up.  Month-over-month residential building permits increased by 10.6 per cent, while year-over-year they were up 17.1 per cent.

The total value of building permits in February 2017 was $246.7 million.