October 09, 2015

Expansion at Prince Albert Correctional Centre

The Government of Saskatchewan is taking action to ensure the safety and security of staff, the public and offenders at the Prince Albert Correctional Centre by opening a new 144 bed expansion.

This new $24 million unit was outlined in the 2012-13 Budget and will create more than 100 new jobs in Prince Albert.  It has been built with four living pods and enough capacity to provide video court services for the entire Prince Albert Correctional Centre.

“Our government is focused on reducing demand on the criminal justice system,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said.  “At the same time we need to ensure we have adequate space to house the offender population that currently exists in the province.  This expansion will help us do just that.”

The new unit is designed to promote safety by incorporating a more modern design.  It utilizes the "open concept" model that allows for direct supervision and interaction between corrections workers and offenders.

“The open concept creates a safer environment for corrections staff,” 27-year corrections employee Wes Elder said.  “It worked very well when it was introduced to the province at Regina Provincial Correctional Centre and I have no doubt it will work just as well here in Prince Albert.”

This announcement follows major capital investments of 60 beds at the Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert in 2013 and the 90 bed expansion to the Saskatoon Correctional Centre in 2009.  These were the first additional beds added to the province’s correctional system since the late 1980s.