June 01, 2021

Enhanced Supports for Saskatchewan Residents With Diabetes

The Government of Saskatchewan is making a significant investment to improve the quality of life for individuals managing diabetes and ease the financial impacts on families.

As announced in the Provincial Budget, the province will provide coverage for Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitors (CGM/FGM) and related supplies at no cost for children and youth under 18 who meet specific medical criteria, effective June 1, 2021.  In addition, the Insulin Pump Program will now cover Type 1 diabetics of all ages who meet certain medical criteria.

With these new changes to the Insulin Pump Program, Saskatchewan joins a small number of jurisdictions covering insulin pumps without restrictions on age and providing coverage for CGM/FGM devices.

"Our government remains steadfast and committed to increasing diabetes supports in our province," Health Minister Paul Merriman said.  "We are providing Saskatchewan families with the tools required to ensure our residents living with diabetes can live a normal and active lifestyle."

Diabetes affects a growing number of Saskatchewan residents.  This year's budget includes a $5 million investment to expand supports for people with diabetes that will lessen the financial burden for Saskatchewan families dealing and living with diabetes.  Eligible Insulin Pump Program clients will be covered for an insulin pump up to a maximum of $6,300 once every five years.  In addition, the associated insulin pump supplies will become an eligible benefit for these clients, with the cost of these supplies being subject to their regular deductible and/or copay.

For those managing or helping their children manage diabetes, the CGM/FGM systems play a crucial role in alerting parents remotely if their child is outside of their target blood sugar range.  This allows parents to minimize the risk and frequency of potentially life-threatening low blood sugar episodes.  These systems also record trends and patterns.  With consent, physicians can remotely access the information assisting them in making informed clinical decisions.

"We applaud the government's good step forward in recognizing the many challenges young people in Saskatchewan living with diabetes face," Diabetes Canada Director of Government Relations West Joan King said.  "This announcement comes at a pivotal time in diabetes history as 2021 marks the 100th year of the discovery of insulin.  Yet a century later, the problem of diabetes is bigger than ever, and this reinforces the need to work together to end diabetes."

More information about the insulin pump program can be found at https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/health/accessing-health-care-services/insulin-pump-program.

For the new CGM/FGM benefit, all children under 18 who are covered by the Saskatchewan Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Program will receive an email discussing application and assessment processes.  Further details regarding the changes and qualifying medical criteria can be directed to the Drug Plan at 1-800-667-2549.