October 15, 2018

Education Week In Saskatchewan Celebrates Student Success And Teacher Dedication

The Government of Saskatchewan has designated October 14-20, as Education Week in Saskatchewan.

For more than 30 years, Saskatchewan has dedicated a week to celebrate student success and recognize the dedication and commitment of education professionals across the province.

This year’s Education Week theme, A World of Learning for Every Student, recognizes the multiple pathways to learning available to our students.  It also highlights the important roles educators play in broadening the horizons and enriching the lives of Saskatchewan students.

“Teachers and school support staff have a significant influence on the future of our youth,” Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant said.  “Throughout my visits to schools across the province, I have had the opportunity to see educators motivate, challenge, and support their students.  We should all take a moment this week to celebrate the terrific work being done in Saskatchewan classrooms.”

“Saskatchewan’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is an important part of the province’s commitment to build a better quality of life for residents through education,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “This week, we celebrate the perseverance of adult learners and the dedication of educators who, through the ABE program, help students gain access to further education, training or employment opportunities to advance their lives.”

During Education Week, various events will be held in schools and school divisions across the province to showcase student success stories and honour the dedication of teachers, staff and volunteers who inspire and support students.  Celebrations will also be shared on social media using #SKedweek.

For one of the many inspiring student success stories worth celebrating this year visit http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/our-stories/celebrating-inspiring-achievements-and-innovative-student-driven-initiatives.