August 10, 2020

COVID-19 Cases at the Regina K-Bro Linens Facility

Information is being shared about the COVID-19 cases identified at the K-Bro Linens facility in Regina.

As of August 9, 2020, 18 employees of K-Bro Linens have tested positive for COVID-19.  Of the 11 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Regina on Saturday, August 8, all were either K-Bro employees or close contacts of the employees.  Some of these cases were identified following a call to Healthline 811, but most were identified through contact tracing.

All employees who tested positive for COVID-19, and anyone who was in close contact with those employees, are now self-isolating.

There were 119 tests performed on-site at K-Bro Linens, and more tests were conducted at testing sites following a Healthline 811 referral.

The risk of community transmission is low.  A Public Service Announcement will be issued if there is a need to alert the public to specific locations of concern.

Employees of K-Bro Linens wear personal protective equipment, frequently wash their hands, stagger breaks and start/end times, maintain physical distancing between workstations and screen all employees before they enter the facility, which includes performing temperature checks.  As well, a microbiologist has assessed K-Bro processes to ensure linens remain safe for use in health care facilities.  The assessment determined there is no safety concern for processed linen.

One hundred and fifty people work at the K-Bro Linens facility in Regina.  All employees have been tested for COVID-19.