August 18, 2020

Court of Queen’s Bench Modernizations

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and Saskatchewan’s Court of Queen’s Bench have deployed a new system for scheduling, tracking cases, and processing financial transactions in the Court.

The new Judicial Scheduling, Tracking and Amalgamated Reporting system (J-STAR) integrates a variety of data and processes that were previously tracked separately, including information on the availability of judicial resources, court staff, and courtrooms.  The ability to access all of this data in a single provincial system creates significant efficiencies for the Court of Queen’s Bench, and allows it to more easily adapt when cases are rescheduled.

“Ultimately, this new system will make it easier for court staff across the province to schedule and coordinate cases in the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said.  “The integration of all of this information into the J-STAR system is an important step of our ongoing efforts to increase access to justice and reduce the time it takes for cases to go to trial.”

“This change will modernize the Court’s systems and help to manage judicial resources effectively and efficiently,” Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Martel D. Popescul said.  “As the Court’s workload continues to increase, I’m pleased that the ministry has responded to the Court’s needs in this area, and grateful to both Court and ministry staff for their work.”

The J-STAR system also simplifies the management of deposit accounts used by clients such as lawyers, media outlets, and self-represented litigants to access services and documents.  Additionally, as part of this modernization, debit and credit are now being accepted at all Court of Queen’s Bench locations across the province.