May 07, 2021

Correctional Services Appreciation Day

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed May 7, 2021 as Correctional Services Appreciation Day.

This day is designated to recognize corrections employee's dedication and commitment to keeping our communities safe.

"The Province of Saskatchewan is home to some of the hardest working, dedicated correctional services staff in the country," Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said.  "Correctional officers, facility youth workers, probation officers and community youth workers go above and beyond every year, but especially this past year with the ongoing health and safety measures."

Working in corrections comes with its challenges, and this past year was no exception.  The pandemic created extraordinary difficulties for employees and families, and continues to be challenging for many.  Corrections staff have performed their duties with unwavering commitment, as they continue to face additional risks as frontline workers during the pandemic.  Their dedication to public service keeps Saskatchewan strong.  We thank them for working hard each and every day to keep our communities safe.

There are approximately 2,030 provincial correctional officers, facility youth workers, probation officers, and community youth workers across Saskatchewan.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations and recognition, including the Minister's Award for Excellence, will be postponed or done virtually to ensure we can honour our corrections staff safely.