May 09, 2016

Consumer Advisory - Driveway Repair Contractors

Consumers are advised to be cautious when it comes to unsolicited contract work for driveways.  If a contractor comes to your door with an unsolicited offer to pave, patch or apply a protective treatment to your driveway, ask for a direct seller’s license number.

Door-to-door salespersons are required to be licensed under The Direct Sellers Act.  You can confirm a contractor’s license is valid at

Red flags
• The price sounds too good to be true.
• High pressure sales—if the sales representative pressures you to “act now or lose out on a limited time offer.”
• The salesperson requires you to pay a substantial down payment before providing any services.

Protect yourself
• Check the validity of the licence number on FCAA411.
• Get everything in writing and create a formal contract with clear expectations of the work to be done and the timeframe that the work has to be completed in.
• Do not hand over a blank cheque.

If you have been contacted by unlicensed door-to-door salespersons offering to make driveway repairs, please contact the Consumer Protection Division at [email protected] or toll free at 1-877-880-5550.

For more tips about contractors, please see our guide -