May 12, 2016

Celebrating Saskatchewan's Public Works Professionals

Saskatchewan will acknowledge the work of the professionals who build, manage and operate our public infrastructure by declaring May 15 to 21, as Public Works Week in the province.

This is the 56th year that public works officials in Canada have profiled the valuable contributions of their profession in building our communities.  This year’s theme, “Public Works - Always There,” speaks to the comprehensive impact public works has on Saskatchewan’s way of life.

“I’m pleased to be able to recognize the work of a group of professionals whose work has not only helped to build our province, but is keeping Saskatchewan strong,” Central Services Minister Jennifer Campeau said.  “Although often taken for granted, our people and province depend on water plants, roads, our parks system and hundreds of other public works for our quality of life.”

Public Works Week in the province is organized by the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA), which represents public works officials, companies and suppliers that support our essential public works services.  The CPWA’s mission is to promote professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge.

“This year's theme speaks to the vital nature of public works in providing the basis for communities to thrive and to the importance of public works services in supporting our everyday quality of life,” Saskatchewan Public Works Association President Andrew Stevenson said.  “From providing potable water, collection of wastewater, snow removal, recycling, street maintenance, garbage collection, replacement of infrastructure, to clearing the way after a disaster, public works is one of our most essential services and is always there.”

The annual event, celebrated during the third full week of May each year, serves not only as an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of public works professionals and their contributions to Saskatchewan, but to promote public works as a career to young people.