June 15, 2020

Budget Keeps Saskatchewan Communities Strong By Investing In Public Safety

The Government of Saskatchewan continues to support safe, strong communities through the expansion of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA).

The province’s 2020-21 Budget provides $85.223 million in funding to the SPSA to provide and support public safety services for Saskatchewan people, municipalities and service providers.

Specifically, this investment will allow the SPSA to continue:

  • Wildfire mitigation work through the federal Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund program that will reduce the impact of wildfires in northern communities;
  • Upgrades and maintenance on its aerial fleet;
  • Training municipal fire departments and other first responders; and
  • Supporting municipalities with emergency preparedness planning.

“Our government is committed to building a strong Saskatchewan through strategic investments that protect the people, property and resources of Saskatchewan,” Government Relations Minister Lori Carr said.  “The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency will continue to support a stronger Saskatchewan through improved service delivery to better support communities in an emergency.”

The funding also includes $9.2 million for the purchase of a CL215T air tanker, which is expected to be delivered in 2023.  The government’s integrated approach to public safety ensures that Saskatchewan can address any emergency that arises, which was highlighted by the role that the agency’s Provincial Emergency Operations Centre played in coordinating the provincial non-health response to COVID-19.

As the agency monitored the situation and disseminated intelligence to other ministries, agencies and Crown corporations, it assisted with provincial business continuity planning, established checkpoints to aid in education and enforcement of health order restrictions, and it established a toll-free information line for Saskatchewan residents.

Established as a Treasury Board Crown, the SPSA began its first year of operation in 2019 by transferring staff, operations and capital for wildfire management from the Ministry of Environment as well as emergency management and fire safety from the Ministry of Government Relations.  To learn more about the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency please visit https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/government-structure/crown-corporations/saskatchewan-public-safety-agency