April 06, 2021

Budget Invests In Public Safety To Continue Protecting Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan continues to invest in protecting Saskatchewan people and creating safe, strong communities through $92.4 million in funding for the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) from the 2021-22 Provincial Budget - an increase of more than $7.1 million or 8.4 per cent compared to last year.

"This funding is critical to ensure that the SPSA can continue to safeguard Saskatchewan people, property and resources," Policing, Corrections and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said.  "This investment demonstrates the government's commitment to enhancing public safety in Saskatchewan."

The budget includes a capital investment to modernize the province's aerial wildfire suppression fleet to replace obsolete aircraft, including a Turbo Commander Bird Dog and a CL215T Air Tanker that will be delivered in 2022.  Avionics displays in SPSA aircraft will also be upgraded to ensure the aircraft fleet is at capacity to suppress wildfires when needed.

"The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency continues to improve service delivery to better support communities in an emergency," Tell said.

SPSA will continue to coordinate the province's non-health response to COVID-19 through the Agency's Provincial Emergency Operations Centre, while at the same time continuing to integrate provincial emergency management functions, which includes assuming the Emergency Social Services (ESS) Program from the Ministry of Social Services.  This program provides evacuation, food, clothing and shelter for communities that require support when impacted by a disaster or emergency.

"Assuming the responsibility for ESS allows the agency to provide greater emergency operations coordination and a single point of communication for response partners and those impacted by disaster or emergency," Tell said.

The SPSA is a Treasury Board Crown that provides public safety services including fire safety training, investigation, emergency planning, response, recovery and emergency communications.  The Agency delivers these services through wildfire management, Sask911, SaskAlert and the government's Emergency Operations Centre.

To learn more about the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency please visit https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/government-structure/crown-corporations/saskatchewan-public-safety-agency.