July 03, 2019

Beginner's Guide to Warranties

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) wants to ensure that Saskatchewan consumers understand product warranties when making purchases ordinarily used for personal, family or household purposes.

Statutory warranties

In Saskatchewan, consumer products come with automatic basic warranty coverage known as statutory warranties.  Some examples of what this basic coverage include are:

  • The product is free from liens, that are not expressly disclosed;
  • That the product has all its required parts, fits its description, and is of acceptable quality;
  • The product has no defects;
  • The product and all its parts are durable for a reasonable period of time;
  • If the product normally requires repairs or spare parts, repair facilities will be made available for a reasonable period of time after the sale; and
  • The retailer has the legal right to sell the product.

Express warranties

Express warranties are a verbal or written promise made to a consumer by a retailer about the quality, quantity, condition or performance of a product.

Additional written warranties

Additional warranties are provided by the supplier or purchased by the consumer and typically provide extra warranty coverage over and above the basic statutory warranty.

Retailers are required to remedy the situation if the consumer product fails to meet the statutory, express or additional written warranty provisions.

It is important that consumers keep all receipts and records of their purchases in case something happens to their products.  When exercising warranty rights, retailers will often ask to see documentation of the purchase.

Contact Consumer Protection Division

If you have any problems or questions regarding warranties, contact us toll free at 1-877-880-5550 or by email, [email protected].

For more information on different types of warranties, visit our website at http://fcaa.gov.sk.ca/consumers-investors-pension-plan-members/consumers/consumers-of-goods-and-services/warranties.