September 18, 2019

Basic and Extended Auto Coverage Options

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) wants vehicle owners to understand their basic plate coverage and the additional insurance options available to them.

All licensed vehicles in the province are insured with the mandatory basic plate insurance coverage through the Saskatchewan Auto Fund administered by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), which provides a base level of protection for all drivers. In addition to this basic level of protection, there are options for owners to obtain extended auto coverage from a variety of insurers.

This coverage can include extra coverage for damage to your vehicle, liability for third party injuries, options to lower the deductible and other additional protections.

Some things to consider when thinking about auto insurance options include:
• If I have a brand new vehicle and it gets totaled, will my coverage be enough to cover the rest of my car loan? Can I afford alternate transportation, like a rental car?
• If I'm in a collision outside of Saskatchewan, is my insurance coverage adequate?
• If I am injured in an accident will I have enough to cover my medical expenses and time off from work?
• If someone else is hurt will my insurance be enough to cover their lost wages and medical expenses?

If you are interested in learning more about extended auto coverage, talk to an insurance company, agent or broker. For more information about insurance coverage, visit