March 02, 2016

Amendments to Wildlife Regulations Strengthen Public Safety and Wildlife Management

The Government of Saskatchewan has modernized the province’s Wildlife Regulations, strengthening environmental protection through new public safety and wildlife management initiatives.

The new rules see the institution of a two year loss of hunting rights for those found guilty of chasing wildlife from a vehicle, poisoning wildlife or hunting from an aircraft.

“Saskatchewan is home to thousands of hunters who practice good sportsmanship,” Environment Minister Herb Cox said.  “These amendments make it clear there will be no tolerance for those who recklessly endanger the safety of other hunters or wildlife.”

The amendments ensure that people suspended from hunting are unable to purchase a licence through HAL, the province’s automated licence system.  Another amendment will establish guidelines for the collection, disclosure and security of any personal information within HAL, changes endorsed by the Privacy Commissioner.

The regulations include the following additional amendments:

  • To protect wildlife and species at risk, a permit will be required to observe or work in sensitive areas.
  • Hunters will be able access select water bodies for an additional two weeks in spring to hunt Snow geese and Ross’ geese, two species which are in over-abundance.
  • A permit fee will no longer be required to salvage the carcass of big game animals that have accidentally been killed by a vehicle.
  • Additional flexibility will be granted to qualified persons to carry a firearm on ATVs to better control livestock predators.
  • Hunting licences and seals will be modernized by no longer requiring a signature.

The amendments took effect on February 26.