February 02, 2018

A new Premier and Cabinet for the Province of Saskatchewan

Over 150 days ago we began a long journey.

A journey that took a number of us to over one hundred communities across Saskatchewan.

A journey where we met thousands of people that love our great Province.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my family for bearing with me during this journey.

That journey has now ended.

A decision was made.

And today, it is my great honour to take on the duties of this high office.

As Premier of Saskatchewan, I have a responsibility to serve all people in our Province, and I commit to fulfill that responsibility with purpose and integrity.

In the last few days, many have asked: "What does being the Premier of Saskatchewan mean to you?"

The answer is simple.

It means a vision of Saskatchewan where our children, and their children, can build a life right here at home in our province.

I commit today that I will humbly serve to ensure that this vision of our Province is realized.

And I'll take a moment to say: we are closer than ever before to achieving this vision thanks to the unprecedented decade of growth under our former Premier, Brad Wall.

Premier Wall is leaving a tremendous legacy for our Province.

A legacy of prosperity and achievement.

A legacy that has confirmed Saskatchewan as the place to be, not the place to be from.

Now is the time for renewal.

And today, I am proud to introduce a cabinet that will stand by my side as we stand with the people of our Province.

These 17 women and men from across Saskatchewan represent so many important things about our Province.

They represent the hard work and determination that drive our industries.

They represent the innovation and optimism that energize our growing cities.

And they represent the humility and servant leadership that is at the heart of each and every one of our communities in this great province.

Our task ahead is not an easy one.

There will be challenges. But our team – this cabinet – will meet those challenges.

And in doing so, we will continue to ensure the province’s financial foundation remains strong.

We will continue to invest to ensure Saskatchewan has the quality of life our citizens expect and deserve.

We will continue to ensure that hope and opportunity are found right here, in the Province of Saskatchewan.

As a team, we will stand with the people of our province.

As a team, we will stand with Saskatchewan.