November 28, 2019

A Day In The Legislative Assembly Program

Today, Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Lori Carr and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Docherty, met with Grade 7 and 8 students from Imperial, and McDermid community schools as part of the Provincial Capital Commission’s A Day in the Legislative Assembly Program.

“This program is an incredible opportunity for students to learn about our provincial government and democratic process,” Carr said.  “Saskatchewan has a rich history, there is so much to learn about how our provincial government functions.  I hope this will encourage young minds to consider a career in the public service and share what they’ve learned with their friends and family.”

The goal of this program is to teach students about the democratic process within Saskatchewan’s provincial government.  The program provides a hands-on approach and ties in with the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum.  The students will also have the opportunity to meet with members of the Official Opposition, as well as the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

“I hope they come away with a greater sense of the daily work done within the Legislative building and a sense of how the Assembly works to better our province,” Grade 8 McDermid teacher whose class had the opportunity to participate in the program, Karen Anderson said.  “After the federal election in October, my students were very interested in learning more about the provincial government.  A Day in the Legislative Assembly came up and we jumped at the chance for this interactive learning experience.”