July 14, 2020

$800,000 for Policing Initiatives in Moose Jaw

The Ministry of Corrections and Policing is providing $440,000 for four police positions in Moose Jaw through the Municipal Police Grants program in 2020-21.  This is an increase of $110,000 from last year, which will provide for one additional police officer for the Moose Jaw Police and Crisis Team (PACT).

PACT units comprise teams of police officers and mental health workers who provide an integrated and coordinated response to persons experiencing mental health crises in the community.

“Ensuring public safety is a priority for our government,” Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence said on behalf of Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell.  “We’re proud to provide this funding to support the Moose Jaw Police Service in the work it does every day to protect citizens in Moose Jaw.”

Saskatchewan Government Insurance is also providing $360,000 for two positions as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative, which works to improve highway safety through increased awareness and enforcement of traffic regulations.

“The City of Moose Jaw and the Moose Jaw Board of Police Commissioners look forward to continuing and enhancing our partnership with the province to address our shared public safety priorities through the municipal police grants program,” Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie said.  “This is an important program.  Its benefits are felt not only in our community, but also across our region as our police service works to keep our community safe, harmonious and inclusive.”

“The Moose Jaw Police Service welcomes the renewal of its partnership with the Ministry to provide effective and efficient policing services in our community and region,” Moose Jaw Police Service Chief Rick Bourassa said.  “The positions created through this partnership focus on the key priorities of traffic and public safety throughout the region, and support the enhanced Police and Crisis Team’s collaborative efforts to provide community mental health supports.  These initiatives are instrumental in enhancing safety and well-being in our communities.”

The Ministry of Corrections and Policing provides funds to police services across Saskatchewan through the Municipal Police Grants program to support 129 municipal police positions and targeted policing initiatives.