August 12, 2019

$5.8 Million for Saskatoon Policing Initiatives

The Ministry of Corrections and Policing’s is providing $4.9 million for policing initiatives in Saskatoon through the Municipal Police Grants program.

The grant will fund 43 existing Saskatoon Police Service positions in 2019-2020.

“This funding helps to enhance community safety and reduce crime in Saskatoon,” Saskatoon Westview MLA David Buckingham said on behalf of Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell.  “We are proud to be able to support the Saskatoon Police Service and the work it does every day protecting citizens in our great city.”

The funding for Saskatoon supports policing programs that focus on organized crime and gang activity.  It also supports the Child Sexual Exploitation unit and the Internet Child Exploitation unit, which work to reduce the victimization of the most vulnerable members of our society.

“As we work towards safety and well-being in our community, it is so important that we are able to do this work with the assistance of the province,” Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark said.  “This funding helps to support the Saskatoon Police Service in addressing issues such as gang violence and habitual offenders, as well as provide valuable services such as searching for missing persons and proactive community policing.  This work is an important piece of building a strong city.”

“Prevention and enforcement efforts around violence, gang- activity and exploitation are critical to community safety in Saskatoon,” Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper said. “The continued support provided by the province of Saskatchewan enhances the ability of our officers to address these key issues.  Provincial grants also provide vital assistance in the Saskatoon Police Service response to emergency calls for service involving persons with mental health and addictions issues in our city.”

Saskatchewan Government Insurance is also providing $900,000 for five positions as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative.

This brings the total of Saskatoon Police Service Funding Agreement to $5.8 million for 2019-2020.