March 28, 2018

$388 Million Agreement Invests in Saskatchewan Agriculture

Canada’s hard-working farmers and food processors are the foundation of the economy and continue to see a growing global demand for their world-class products.  Federal, provincial and territorial governments are working together to give farmers and food processors the support they need to meet these demands.

Today, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan announced Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program details for the agricultural sector in Saskatchewan.  The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a $3 billion, five year investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to help Canada’s agricultural sector innovate, grow and prosper.

The Canadian Agriculture Partnership agreement will see $388 million invested in strategic agricultural initiatives in Saskatchewan over the next five years.  The agreement between Canada and Saskatchewan provides for priority programming to support the provincial agriculture sector.

“The Canadian Agricultural Partnership will help the sector in Saskatchewan continue to innovate, grow and prosper,” said Lawrence MacAulay Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  “We are committed to expanding business opportunities for our Canadian producers, ranchers and processors, and strengthening the middle class while helping the agricultural sector reach its full potential.”

“This joint investment supports continued growth and profitability for Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry,” Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said.  “The programs, services and investments supported by the agreement are responsive to the needs of Saskatchewan’s industry now and in the future.”

The agreement is effective April 1, 2018, and replaces the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) framework.  The federal government contributes 60 per cent and the province funds 40 per cent of each dollar spent.

The Saskatchewan cost-shared program suite will make investments in strategic initiatives to drive outcomes in six priority areas over the next five years.

  1. Science, Research and Innovation: $191.5 million investment to build on Saskatchewan’s competitive advantages by advancing science and research capacity.
  2. Environment and Climate Change: $70.5 million to support the long-term resiliency and sustainability of the sector.
  3. Risk Management: $48 million to support the sustainability of the sector by anticipating, mitigating and responding to risks.
  4. Value-Added Agriculture: $30 million to support growth in the value-added and agri-food processing sector.
  5. Public Trust: $8.5 million to support public trust initiatives.
  6. Trade and Market Development: $7.5 million to assist industry in expanding domestic and international trade opportunities.

Additional investments of $32 million will be allocated to activities delivered by the federal government on behalf of the province.

The partnership includes a complete and effective suite of business risk-management programs to help farmers manage risks that threaten the viability of their farm.

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