September 24, 2020

$35 Million Invested to Provide Renovations and Expansions to Two Lloydminster Schools

Today, Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant and Lloydminster MLA Colleen Young joined Alberta Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda and officials from Lloydminster Public School Division and Lloydminster Catholic School Division to announce that planning has begun on a $35 million investment to provide renovations and expansions to Lloydminster Comprehensive High School and Holy Rosary High School.  This is part of the government’s $7.5 billion two-year capital plan to build a strong Saskatchewan and stimulate our economic recovery following the pandemic.

“The renovations and additional spaces that are being added to Lloydminster Comprehensive High School and Holy Rosary High School will help serve both the students and community of Lloydminster for years to come. Wyant said.  “Our government is proud to invest in education infrastructure to stimulate the economy and help keep Saskatchewan strong as we recover from the pandemic.”

The investment includes $10 million for Holy Rosary High School and $25 million for Lloydminster Comprehensive High School and will involve upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems.  Both schools will adding a second storey addition, increasing each school be 16 classrooms.

The renovations at Holy Rosary High School is anticipated to be completed in 2022 and will allow the school to accommodate approximately 1,200 students, up from 750.

“Lloydminster Catholic School Division and Holy Rosary High School are very excited about this announcement to expand the school,” Lloydminster Catholic School Division Board Chair Paula Scott said.  “We have been advocating for several years to have this project approved so that we can accommodate our growing population and develop our programming.  I would like to thank the Ministries of Education in Saskatchewan and Alberta for approving and supporting this project.”

The expansion of Lloydminster Comprehensive High School will allow the school to accommodate approximately 1,522 students, up from 1,187.  It is expected that the work will be completed in 2023.

"The Lloydminster Public School Division Board of Education would like to thank the provincial government for supporting the Lloydminster Comprehensive High School renovation project,” Lloydminster Public School Division Board of Education Board Chair Karoline Kennedy said.  “This project will reshape education in LPSD with benefits extending across our Division and the Lloydminster community.  The renovation will create an environment that will support our students in achieving personal excellence through their education journey.”

The costs of these renovations are shared with the Province of Alberta through The Lloydminster Charter.

Since 2007, the Government of Saskatchewan has committed approximately $1.9 billion toward school infrastructure projects.  This includes 57 new or replacement schools as well as 28 major renovations.

Since 2013-14, Saskatchewan Education’s Preventative Maintenance and Renewal program has provided approximately $281 million to school divisions and the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises to proactively address maintenance requirements as they arise.  These projects support the safety and well-being of our students and school staff, while also ensuring that Saskatchewan schools are built to last well into the future.