July 15, 2020

$2.805 Million for Policing Initiatives in Prince Albert

The Ministry of Corrections and Policing is providing $2.265 million through the Municipal Police Grants program for 20 existing Prince Albert Police Service positions in 2020-21.  This is a $65,000 increase from last year.

“This funding helps to enhance community safety and reduce crime in Prince Albert,” Crown Investments Corporation Minister and Prince Albert Carlton MLA Joe Hargrave said on behalf of Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell.  “We’re proud to support the Prince Albert Police Service in the work it does to protect citizens.”

The funding for Prince Albert supports the renewal of the Police and Crisis Team, which comprises police officers and mental health workers who provide an integrated and coordinated response to persons experiencing mental health crises in the community.

Funding also supports the Integrated Crime Reduction Team, which gathers intelligence on street gangs and gang associates; the Missing Persons Task Force; and the Internet Child Exploitation program, which is dedicated to the investigation of child exploitation offenses.  Saskatchewan Government Insurance is also providing $540,000 for an additional three police officers in Prince Albert as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative.

This brings the total of the Prince Albert Police Service Funding Agreement to $2.805 million for 23 police positions in 2020-21.

“Municipal Police Grants fund important initiatives aimed at proactively addressing issues that affect public safety with the shared goal of reducing crime,” Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne said.  “This funding is essential to ensure that as a community we are targeting crime and illegal activity that affects residents locally and across the province.”

“Funding through Municipal Police Grants allows police agencies around Saskatchewan to work together to combat crime and target complex issues that threaten the safety of the wider community,” Prince Albert Police Chief Jonathan Bergen said. “These partnerships support a more focused approach to effectively address crime and illegal activity in our communities.”

The Ministry of Corrections and Policing provides funds to police services across Saskatchewan through the Municipal Police Grants program to support 129 municipal police positions and targeted policing initiatives.