February 28, 2020

$10 Million To Support Coal Communities' Transition

Today, Premier Scott Moe announced the Government of Saskatchewan will invest $10 million to support Estevan, Coronach and area transitioning from coal-based industries to other economic opportunities.

“Our government will work hard to ensure this part of our great province can successfully move to cleaner energy sources and new business developments to remain prosperous and vibrant,” Moe said.  “This situation was unfortunately imposed on Saskatchewan much earlier than planned by new federal regulations.  This provincial funding will help advance economic development and diversification opportunities, while demonstrating our commitment to these impacted communities.”

The City of Estevan will receive $8 million and the Town of Coronach will receive $2 million of the total $10 million.  This provincial funding will be provided to these two communities who will also be expected to partner with neighbouring municipalities to allocate the funding to regional initiatives.

“I grew up in Estevan and spent a decade on its city council, so I know first-hand the tenacity, determination and hard-work ethic of everyone in the area,” Government Relations Minister and Estevan MLA Lori Carr said.  “It’s those characteristics that will help us re-imagine this great part of our province and leverage new economic opportunities as we go through this time of change.”

Current federal regulations require all coal-fired power stations to be decommissioned after 50 years of operation, or to close by 2030, whichever comes first.  This will impact three power stations, several mines and hundreds of jobs in southeast Saskatchewan.