January 09, 2020

48 Communities To Benefit From Traffic Safety Fund Grants

Traffic safety projects in 48 communities across Saskatchewan have been approved for funding from the proceeds of photo speed enforcement (PSE).

The PSE committee has awarded the second round of Provincial Traffic Safety Fund grants, providing a total of $500,000 to improve safety in Saskatchewan.  These include intersection and crosswalk improvements, speed display signs, pedestrian crossing signals, school zone beacons and other speed-reduction initiatives.

Grants from this round range from $850 to just over $37,000.

“These projects will help calm traffic and make Saskatchewan roads safer,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said.  “I want to congratulate the successful applicants and express how pleased I am that so many communities are keeping traffic safety top of mind and have taken the initiative to make improvements to keep their citizens safe.  I continue to encourage other municipalities and Indigenous lands or territories to consider applying for these grants for their own safety initiatives.”

The PSE Committee is already accepting applications for the next round of Traffic Safety Fund grants, as well as applications for new PSE camera locations.  The deadline for both applications is March 30, 2020.  More information can be found at www.sgi.sk.ca/pse-grants.

Applications are evaluated by the PSE committee, which includes representatives from the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, and SGI.

Applications for traffic safety grants are assessed against criteria focused on priority areas including intersection safety, aggressive driving, speeding and vulnerable road users.

Applications for new PSE locations need to demonstrate the proposed location is either high-risk, the site of frequent speed-related crashes, or is used by a high volume of vulnerable pedestrians.  Applicants also must demonstrate that previous measures have been unsuccessful.

Provincial Traffic Safety Fund grants are awarded twice annually, and applications for new PSE locations are evaluated once each year.