June 06, 2019

14 Municipalities to Benefit From MREP Grants

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing $14 million for the improvement of roads, bridges and culverts throughout rural Saskatchewan.

It is all part of the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program (MREP), which provides funding for municipal infrastructure impacted by increased truck traffic.  There will be 14 rural municipalities that will receive grants this year.

“Our network of rural roads are often the starting point for Saskatchewan goods on their path to global markets,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said.  “The government is pleased to fund MREP, which supports municipalities and is key to keeping our economy strong in rural Saskatchewan.”

MREP is administered by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM).  Grants cover up to 50 per cent of the costs of road projects and 30 to 80 per cent of the costs of bridge and culvert projects.

This year, about $6.6 million will be invested into Clearing the Path (CTP), which will go toward operation and maintenance.  The CTP provides rural communities with access to primary weight roads in order to help facilitate economic development.

“We appreciate the government's continued support for rural Saskatchewan,” SARM President Ray Orb said.  “Saskatchewan's growth is fueled by resource exports and MREP ensures money is invested back into the rural transportation system that supports those exports.”

2019 MREP highlights include:

  • Five bridge/culvert projects at a program cost of $2,850,000;
  • Four heavy haul high volume projects at a program cost of $2,171,166.

The Government of Saskatchewan has invested $285 million in rural infrastructure since 2007, over and above municipal revenue sharing.